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My story begins on the morning of December 18, 18-, while sitting at breakfast. Let it be understood before we go further that I was a bachelor living in lodgings. I had been left an orphan just before I came of age, and was thus cast upon the world at a time when it is extremely dangerous for young men to be alone. Especially was it so in my case, owing to the fact that at twenty-one I inherited a considerable fortune. One thing saved me from ruin, viz. a passionate love for literature, which led me to make it my profession. I had at the time of my story been following the bent of my inclinations for two years with a fair amount of success, and was regarded by those who knew me as a lucky fellow. That is all I think I need say concerning myself prior to the time when my story opens, except to tell my name; but that will drop out very soon. I had not made very great inroads into the omelette my landlady had prepared for me when I heard the postman’s knock, and soon after a servant entered with a letter. One only. I had expected at least half-a-dozen, but only one lay on the tray before me.

Weapons of Mystery (e-bok) av Joseph Hocking

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    Ladda ner Weapons of Mystery e-bok Gratis

    : SPEGEL 2


    Joseph Hocking (författare), 1stWorld Library (redaktör)
    1 augusti 2007
    172 sidor

    Skönlitteratur, Annan Skönlitteratur
    Adobe DRM

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