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His kingdom stolen, banished to another world, prince Cleto of Eltora is trapped in the casing of a toy soldier for five years. Unable to use his magic to free himself he is lost, but not forgotten.Clair Meloni is what some might call hopeless. She’s been battling illness for the last several years and her only family member is gone, so what is a girl to really do when she’s alone in the world? Going home seems like a good idea. She arrives at her home and enters a room she’d been forbidden to ever enter. Never did she think that by lighting a fire would she free a prince from another world.Is it a dream or is it real? Only time will tell. But will time be on her side to see how her dream ends?This title is published by Melange Books LLC and is distributed worldwide by Untreed Reads.

Toy Soldier (e-bok) av Jaden Sinclair

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    Ladda ner Toy Soldier e-bok Gratis

    : SPEGEL 2


    Jaden Sinclair (författare)
    1 november 2013

    Romantik & Erotik, Romantik
    Adobe DRM

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