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Then shall the candidate be bound upon the wooden cross . . . After the third day he shall be brought back from the dead and carried up to heaven to be on the right hand of Him from whom he came. Surprisingly, these lines are from an Egyptian initiation ritual thousands of years before the Christian drama. Linking the two is just one fascinating element in this profound introduction to esoteric Christianity, as timely today as when it was first published in 1920. Famed clairvoyant Charles Webster Leadbeater was a bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church, which preserves the sacraments while interpreting the scriptures with maximum freedom. He quotes St. Augustine himself saying that what we now call Christianity emerged at the very beginning of humanity as the one true religion. To access its transformative force, Leadbeater returns to original teachings and decodes its story symbolically as a guide for direct knowledge (Gr: gnosis) of the Divine. “As Christ had the Godhead behind Him, so have we the same power, although not yet unfolded as fully,” he says. “Nevertheless, it is only a question of development, and that development is certain.” With the authority of a scientist and a mystic, he addresses such topics as the birth of Christ in the heart; God’s utter love; divine grace; angelic help; the true meaning of salvation; and reincarnation and the evolution of the soul.

Christian Gnosis (e-bok) av Charles Webster Lea

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    Ladda ner Christian Gnosis e-bok Gratis

    : SPEGEL 2


    Charles Webster Leadbeater (författare), C W Leadbeater (författare), Richard Smoley (inledning)
    13 december 2012
    368 sidor

    Fackböcker, Filosofi Och Religion
    Adobe DRM

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